Western values

Working for a western company, with western values.

Do you like to work internationally from Belgrade? Do you want to help Belgian Accountancy firms, travel to Belgium occasionally and get to know the team members there personally, also outside the office?

What we expect

Passion, expertise, communicate.

We’re looking for someone to join our Accounting team, you’ll be working with and alongside talented and passionate people from Serbia and Belgium. We are looking for a responsible, flexible person who is technically excellent, can maintain productive working relationships and can work with a considerable degree of autonomy.


Across borders

Respect & trust

Everyone’s skills


Reliable and sincere


A long-term relationship

Our Values.

Dion upholds its European values. Dion always applies a sustainable work ethic. That makes us a valued partner.
You work from Belgrade and can support Belgian accountants through digital work.


Current openings.